Landscape Architecture

The Landscape Architecture team at Taylors have extensive experience in greenfield, commercial, industrial and civic projects throughout Victoria as well as a national and international portfolio.

We are able to undertake

  • Concept Design
  • Detailed Design and
  • Contract Administration

Taylors can provide Landscape Architecture consulting services from the inception of a project at due diligence stage through to Statement of Compliance and receipt of Practical Completion.

Our team also have training and expertise in the specialised areas of;

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design
  • Project Management
  • Environmental Management and
  • Graphic design and representation

We can provide Tree Protection Plans, Environmental Management Plans, Rehabilitation Plans and Landscape Vision Reports. Using the latest in software and technical expertise, we have the skills to deliver on projects of any scale or complexity.

We understand the importance of communication to this process and we seek to make our clients and sub-consultants an integral part of the development process from the upfront brief through to the design, and to foster a close and effective working relationship to deliver on expected outcomes. We are able to draw upon our well established industry relationships with Councils, Referral Authorities and service agencies to assist in reducing waiting time for endorsed plans and approvals. We also have strong relationships with various suppliers, manufacturers, specialist designers, builders and contractors which allows us greater project efficiencies.

Our team have the added benefit of in-house collaboration with a range of Taylors professionals across planning, survey, engineering, urban design, architecture and project management to help inform and support our professional outcomes.

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