Mining Villages – Taylors Design Strategy

Over the past few years, Taylors have been involved in the design of a number of mining accommodation related projects.

The central focus of our design outcomes has been to facilitate an adaptable master planned approach, that accommodates a range of land use potential once mining operations cease.

Our design strategy provides for a sustainable and adaptable approach, based largely on the following interrelated design principles:

  • Ensuring the maximum degree of integration with and benefit for adjoining communities.
  • Creating a strategic framework of civil, landscaping and community facility investment that supports current as well as future land uses.
  • Eco sensitive `site-making` and `place-making` strategies to enhance the current land use pattern, whilst facilitating future development strategies.
  • A flexible public space framework that accommodates existing as well as future uses.
  • The design and location of multi-use and adaptable community elements and facilities that can adapt in use over time.

Below is a list of future land use scenarios that have been `embedded` into a few of the underlying master planned mining villages that we have designed:

  • Eco tourism resorts
  • Retirement resorts
  • Eco Camping facilities
  • Standard residential communities

We have also explored a range of design strategies and built form typologies that facilitate more stable and permanent communities, whilst allowing for future re-use and / or relocation if required.

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