Provision of A-Spec Data

Taylors have a detailed understanding of the provision of A-Spec digital data specifications and have been involved in the provision of data in these formats for several years. Given that A-Spec is a widely recognised program that stipulates an agreed standard of data specifications for the recording of local government assets, many councils now require data to be provided in one of the formats under the A-Spec umbrella. Our team have expertise in all of the following:

D-Spec – outlines the specifications for digital files containing drainage data; pipe, pit, property connections and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) elements. Contains elements such as downstream and upstream invert levels, length, diameter and material etc.

R-Spec – outlines the specifications for digital data of council assets that lie within the road reserve. Contains elements such as kerb and channel, seal width, signs and trees etc.

O-Spec – outlines the specifications for digital data of Public Open Space and Recreation Assets. Contains elements such as playing fields, amenities, bins and irrigation lines etc

The particular requirements of each of these data formats are built in to our procedures, training programs and quality assurance systems.

see also Asset Recording Services

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