VCAT Evidence and Advocacy

Taylors has years of experience across all types of VCAT Hearings and has expertise in ensuring that we propose the most appropriate hearing of matters at the Tribunal for our clients whether that be a Merits Hearing, Mediation, Short Cases List or Practice Day Hearing. We have expertise in hearings related to subdivision, master planning, medium density and mixed use development. Nick Hooper and the team are experienced expert witnesses who have appeared before VCAT in this capacity on many occasions and have an enviable record in representing our client’s cases favourably. We have also appeared in many Mediations at VCAT regularly resulting in successful outcomes for our clients and thereby avoiding the uncertainty and additional costs of a Merits Hearing.

We appear at VCAT on a regular basis and therefore remain in touch with the issues of the day. Given the breadth of projects that are heard before the Tribunal, we have the ability to provide the most effective solution for our client’s representation and can play a key coordination role in the appeal strategy when legal representation is required. We take on cases we believe in, providing well balanced advice that reflects the probable outcomes based on previous case law and our ability to analyse a situation and make a suitable recommendation. Our solutions balance commercial and regulatory requirements to find the optimum solution to a project from both perspectives.

Our clients are central to the consideration of what is required to give a project the best chance of success at VCAT. Assembly of the team for representation is done in consultation with our client so that the most effective team relative to budget can be assembled. We understand the importance of regular communication with our clients especially coming up to the key milestones in the VCAT process such as when amending plans, prior to Mediation and prior to the Hearing itself.

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