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Taylors are at the forefront of utilising innovative technology in the Surveying industry and we acquired a Z-Boat as a reliable, accurate, and surveyor-tested remote survey system for inshore hydrographic projects where access to the survey area is obstructed or conditions are unsafe.

With echo sounders selected specifically for use on a remote vessel, the Z-Boat can be configured to suit every survey challenge and budget. The hull shape, propulsion, radio communication, and sonar instrumentation combine to offer an easy to use and powerful option for hydrographic work.

Taylors offers unmatched value and convenience for hydrographic surveys conducting inshore bathymetric surveys using the Z-boat. Instead of mobilizing a manned boat or putting people on the water in a hazardous location survey, we simply launch the Z-Boat and start surveying immediately. The Z-Boat echo sounder and GPS are integrated with a radio modem data transmission system allowing boat track to be viewed in real time on the shore laptop. Not only can soundings be reviewed as the data is collected, but survey lines can be easily followed with help from the laptop display ensuring consistent and accurate survey data.

The Z-Boat is particularly suited to conducting fast and convenient volume surveys in industrial water storage ponds such as frac water pits, wastewater ponds, or tailings storage facilities. Instead of mobilizing a full survey crew, a single operator can determine the water volume in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost with no compromise in personnel safety.

Key benefits of Z-Boat solutions

Z-Boat technology captures significantly more data than a traditional 2-3 person team on a manned vessel, reducing the time and cost of fieldwork.

Z-Boat technology can reduce or sometimes eliminate the need for contact with water bodies, significantly reducing the risk of drowning.

Z–Boat technology can capture more data in less time than conventional bathymetric survey methods using a driver and operator.

Fast Response
Quick and easy deployment of the Z-boat system makes this an extremely responsive solution. Further time can be saved by reducing the safety risks associated with launching a manned boat, making permits and SWMS easier to achieve.


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