‘This Girl Can’ – Getting Women Involved!

Posted on April 4th, by Kathryn Kutchel in In the Media, Melbourne, Our people, People, Culture & Brand, Promotions.

Physical activity on a regular basis is all part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, but recent statistics show that half of us aren’t getting enough exercise each week. Getting movement into your day matters, and yet Victorian women are holding back from getting involved or started in a sport for multiple reasons, such as fear of judgement or not being fit enough to start.

That’s where the ‘This Girl Can’ Initiative comes in!

Taylors own Tamara Reilly is getting active in the roller derby team featured in the ‘This Girl Can’ advertisement.

‘This Girl Can’ is here to support and celebrate Victorian women getting active in any way that best suits you, to make time for your health and find what feels right for you. Taylors is behind this movement as we recognize the many women in our workplace who are keen to get involved and have a go. To break the mould and embrace the opportunity to challenge themselves in physical activities that they feel passionate about.

Over the years, we’ve seen many ladies get involved in company run initiatives, such as the Oxfam Trailwalker and Upstream Foundation Walk fundraisers, the DCE Soccer Tournament, Ride to Work Day, the Corporate Triathlon Series, the CSV Tennis Challenge and many more.

The ladies of the Taylors team never miss an opportunity to get out and get active

With the help of the ‘This Girl Can’ initiative, we want to encourage all women of the Taylors workplace to have a go, and to not shy away from activity in fear of judgement or of what other people think. Taylors own, Tamara Reilly is well known around the building for her involvement in roller derby – and is a part of the team featured in the ‘This Girl Can’ video – and often shares her stories and recently encouraged others to get involved with the initiative.

“’This Girl Can’ really encourages you to just have a go and gets women out there. Everybody can be active, and this initiative lets you find opportunities and find what you want to be a part of.”

2018 is shaping up to be another active year, do you want to get involved?

Want to know more about the ‘This Girl Can’ initiative? Head over to the website or be a part of the #ThisGirlCanVic conversation by getting involved on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also, be sure to see how the women of Taylors are getting active and show them your support by heading to our Instagram.