Industry relationships in the spotlight at UDIA Awards for Excellence

Posted on December 17th, by Kathryn Kutchel in Awards, Events, Melbourne, Projects, Urban Development.

The UDIA Awards for Excellence is a prestigious event on the land development calendar that aims to showcase the finest work of the property industry and encourage the public to learn more about ground-breaking projects underway across the state. This year’s awards were a particularly exciting time for the Taylors team after being shortlisted for the Consultants Excellence Award and seeing several esteemed clients also up for awards.

Now in its 23rd year, the Victorian UDIA Awards for Excellence continues to showcase the urban development industry’s finest work.

Through hard work and perseverance, the whole Taylors team contributed to a challenging project worthy of public note. The Shelton Park (Waterways) Development is a testament to Taylors values of strong client relationships and solutions and has been under development since 2005. Working with Monomeath Developments, Taylors have provided services including – but not limited to – Strategic Planning, Urban Design and Master Planning, Engineering Design and Delivery, Asset Recording and Design Guidelines to fulfil the development vision for a picturesque, functional and safe community.
The focus of the award, however, did not only come down to the services contributed, but to the expertise and relationships provided by the consultants.

“Managing any project can be a challenging proposition; coordinating various conflicting inputs and outcomes.” Commented Project Manager, Ross Lamont. “This project was particularly interesting as I was uniquely involved; initially as lead town planner through the approvals stage and then project manager through delivery. It is the culmination of over 10 years of investigations, reporting, negotiating, coordinating and advocating across the consultant team, all government levels and the community.” Beyond the development, entrants of the Consultants Excellence Award had to demonstrate satisfactory urban form, community creation and integration, innovation and unique features, problem solving, consultation, negotiation and issues resolution, and consideration of state and local planning objectives.

Greenery planted in early October has now flourished in the Waterways wetlands, creating new habitats.

“The thing that impressed me most about the results the team achieved on this project was the perseverance shown over a long period of time to solve multi-faceted issues.” Remarked General Manager of Urban Development Planning and Design, Nick Hooper. “From the rezoning phase and the associated issues that could have potentially impacted on the yield, to the impressive drainage solution that solved ecological, archaeological and drainage issues in one fell swoop, the Taylors team never lost sight of achieving a first-class result for our long-term client. It is at these times, as the project comes towards its final stages that you reflect on these achievements and our team members can be proud of what they achieved.”

Despite not receiving the award, Taylors would like to extend their sincere congratulations to the winner of the Consultants Excellence Award, Maddocks (in conjunction with Woodlea), for their eContracts platform, and to Beveridge Williams for their involvement in the Casey Growth Area.

“Recognition at awards ceremonies are little reminders that we are on the right path together.”

Demonstrations of teamwork extended beyond the Taylors team and to valuable clients, Satterley, who took home the Residential Development Award for the Upper Point Cook development. As part of the consultant team for this master-planned estate, recognition is a great demonstration of the Taylors ‘relationships first’ mindset.

“We have a good relationship with Satterley, they’ve put together a really good consultant team and we’re lucky enough to be on that team. They’ve had a vision for that project and to see it come out of the ground in accordance with their vision must be very satisfying for them.” Said Urban Development Survey and Subdivision Operations Manager, Richard Illingworth. “We’ve been engaged as the land surveyors since 2013. It’s rewarding for our team to know they’ve been involved in a landmark project, it’s put a real buzz around the office – even if it isn’t our award. We’ve been part of the delivery team, and the reward is how well the development looks. Ultimately, we’re very happy for Satterley.”

“They’ve had a vision for that project and to see it come out of the ground in accordance with their vision must be very satisfying for them.”

“The award ceremony was a great showcase of the best of the best in one of Victoria’s most dynamic and leading industries. To receive a taste of being a finalist in the Consultant Award and being recognised as a significant contributor to Upper Point Cook helps us realise that we too are a significant in this great industry.” Commented Taylors Managing Director, Richard Cirillo. “We aren’t in the game to be recognised by anything other than success for our clients and success for our team in the career aspirations, however, recognition at awards ceremonies are little reminders that we are on the right path together.”

“We’re honoured that Waterways was recognised as a finalist in the UDIA Awards Consultants category. This category differs from others as it is not so much about the end product, but about the team behind the scenes that have made the project happen.”

To see the full list of winners, please visit the UDIA website.